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Asia ROBO-ONE competition

ROBO-ONE Korea holds the 1st Asia ROBO-ONE competition in Busan, Korea on May 17 and 18, 2003. ROBO-ONE Japan and ROBO-ONE China cooperate it.
We are now accepting participation applications. The participation application deadline is April 30, 2003 and we welcome participants not only from Asia but also from other countries.

1. Date
May 17 -18, 2003

May 17 9:00-12:00  ROBO-ONE Technical Conference
          13:30-17:00  Preliminary demonstration

May 18 10:00-16:00 Final tournament

2. Place
Busan Exhibition & Convention Center

3. Participation application blank
Please send us a participation application with e-mail to the next address..
Please download the participation application form from here.

Guidelines and competition rules of the 1st competition of ASIA ROBO-ONE
Drafted: April 5, 2003
ROBO-ONE committee

1. Procedure of participation to ROBO-ONE
Please participate in ROBO-ONE by the next procedure.
1) Documentation screening (2003/4/15-2003/5/2)
2) Participation qualification judgment (2003/5/17)
3) Preliminary demonstration (2003/5/17)
4) Final tournament (2003/5/18)
Further instructions are as follows.

2. Documentation screening
We examine safety of your robot at the documentation screening stage. When your robot has problems in safety the committee asks you for improving it. If you don't follow the committee's instruction, you are not allowed to participate in the competition.
In the case that you register more than 2 robots or ready-made robots, you are required to define advantages of your robot. If the committee finds they have the same specifications, the committee cannot allow you to participate in the competition.

3. Participation qualification judgment
The committee examines whether your robot satisfies a participation qualification.
When the number of participants is not enough for holding the competition, we only examine competition rules. When the number of participants is over the limitation, the committee has demonstration screening. We describe the method of a demonstration separately.

4. About the preliminary demonstration
In the preliminary demonstration, you are required to demonstrate the technology of your robot in two minutes. The robots get high score can go to the final tournament stage.

5. About the final tournament
In the finals tournament, we decide the winner by a demonstrations and matches. Two robots are required to demonstrate at the same time. We do examination by matches next.
Judges decide the winner with both demonstration marks and matches. The robot that gets higher score is the winner.


ROBO-ONE participation qualification and competition rules


Participation qualification


1) Meet the ROBO-ONE competition rules.
2) Walk more than five steps with bipedal robot. One leg must be leaving from the ground during walking.
3) Do expansion and contraction by legs.
4) Do side step.
(If there is approval of judge, you can participate in the competition, although your robot doesn't meet the above qualifications.)


ROBO-ONE competition rule


The purpose of ROBO-ONE is to spread "Pleasure of coexistence together with robots" to a lot of people. Our aim is that the audience can enjoy the ROBO-ONE matches and participants can enjoy making their own robots. Therefore, the committee pays attention to rather technical qualification and entertainment aspects of your robots than the result of the matches. In addition to it, in order to popularize robot technology, the committee opens as much the technology information as possible.

Chapter 1 Competitions
The competition is played in a fixed ring. All the robots must be uniquely made by participants and, demonstrations and matches are played in the ring. The winner is decided by judgment by the judges.

The competition consists of the preliminary demonstrations and the final tournament.
Chapter 2 A standard of a ring and environment
2-1 For technology improvement of participation robots, the details of ring will be prescribed before each competition, and we may install ups and downs and an obstacle on a ring. However, the ring shape and the details are opened to all the participants beforehand.
2-2 We do not set up regulations in particular for the video camera and camera device that is used by the general audience and mass media.
Robots may receive influence from illumination, infrared rays, a flash bulb of a camera and video and so on, however, all the participants must be ready for these influence.
2-3 The influence from indoor illumination and sunlight are the same as 2-2.
Chapter 3 Standard of your robot
3-1 Walking-system.
3-1-1 Being a robot of two pairs of walks type.
3-1-2 Foot shape and form can be decided freely, if they do not conflict with the next condition.
(a) Maximum size of foot must be less than the length of leg.
Foot of robot is a part contacting the ground.
A leg is height from ground to the axis that connects to body of robot.
The greatest length of the foot must be less than 20cm.
(b) When robot is standing, out line of right-foot and left-foot should not lap over.
(c) In the case that judges judge the structure of a robot to be against mind of ROBO-ONE.
3-2 Size of a robot
3-2-1 Size of a robot must be from 20cm to 120cm tall.
We will consider weight class in the final tournament when judges judged that it is necessary.
3-3 Control method of a robot
3-3-1 The control of your robot is permitted in both of wireless control and computer control.
3-3-2 Wireless control system must be considered to prevent interference.
In addition, prepare 3 different frequencies when you utilize wireless control system.
3-3-3 Set power source on the robot.
3-4 Prohibition matters
3-4-1 Do not equip weapon hurting a partner and a ring. You are not allowed to equip knife and things rotating with high speed.

3-4-2 Do not equip an absorption device in a sole.
3-4-3 Must not equip an interfering device of control of a partner's robot, such as a laser, an electronic flash, and interference electric wave device
3-4-4 Must not use parts that pollute or hurt a ring.
3-4-5 Must not use liquid, powder and gas to blow a competitor.
3-4-6 Firing devices must not be built in.

Chapter 4 Preliminary demonstrations and Final tournament
4-1 Preliminary demonstrations
4-1-1 In preliminary demonstration, participants demonstrate their robots in turn.
4-1-2 In preliminary demonstrations, all the participants are required to appeal their characteristic and technology of robot in two minutes. Demonstrations are free style, but must include compulsory exercises.
Box dance is compulsory exercises in the 3rd competition.
4-1-3 More than 3 judges decide the score of demonstrations. 16 robots from the top score can go to the final tournament. (We may change the method of a preliminary demonstration from the number of participation.)
4-2 Final tournament
4-2-1 The robots are required to demonstrate and match. The robot that gets higher score is the winner. The ratio between demonstrations and matches are fifty-fifty.
4-2-2 Two demonstrate simultaneously in two minutes.
Preparations or adjustment time must be done for less than 2 minutes.
The demonstrations are free exercises.
4-2-3 The match is three rounds system.
The time of one round is two minutes.
A match is over when a robot gets two rounds in advance.
Adjustment between rounds must be finished for less than 2 minutes.

Chapter 5 Match rules
5-1 All the robots must walk more than 2 steps before attacking.
When the robot comes back from the down, the robot must walk more than 2 steps before attacking.
5-2 When robot does not walk more three seconds, referee can order the robot to walk.
In this case, robot must walk more than 2 steps before attacking.
5-3 When a robot except foot contacted a ring or ring wall or went out of ring, the robot is a down.
Referee will judge any other problems.
5-4 When a robot cannot come back from down within the 10 count, the robot is knocked out. And the round is an adversary's.
5-5 When the robot had three downs in the same round, the round is an adversary's.
5-6 A participant can require giving-up to the referee.
In addition, when referee judged it is difficult to continue match, referee can judge a technical knocked out.

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