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조회 : 7290 1st ASIA ROBO-ONE competition registration form 수정하기 삭제하기
1st ASIA  ROBO-ONE competition registration

Date: 2003/__ /__

2.Male or Female

3.Birth day and Age

4.Photograph and profile of participant

5. Participation purpose and enthusiasm to ROBO-ONE


  Homepage address

7. Name of Robot

8. Design or Photograph of Robot

9. Detail of Robot
9-1.Size and weight

9-2.The kind of actuator and decrees of freedom

9-3.The control method (microcomputer) and the power source (battery)

9-4.Characteristics of the robot (leg structure, control method, appearance)

9-5.The length of the leg and the method of the extension and flections.

9-6.The method to attack

9-7.The consideration for the safety

9-8.The details of a radio system (LAN, Bluetooth, radio control (FM or AM), frequency, the number of channel etc.)


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